MG-100 Pipe & Cable Cavity Flashing

The MG-100 is an air seal flashing designed for cavity construction where there is a need for a pipe to penetrate the air seal, handles larger pipes than the MG-50.

The MG-100 is used inside modern cavity wall systems, it maintains the integrity of the air seal and assists the rainscreen in weather tightness.

A systemised approach to solving a problem means that the finished result is consistent.

Before the final weather seal around the pipe/cable to the cladding is applied the pipe or cable can be moved without affecting the integrity of the airseal.

With high labour costs the time saved equates to money saved.

The MG-100 can be fabricated in different sizes and shapes on request and covers larger pipe diameters than the MG-50.

The design caters for 20mm & 35mm cavities but friction seals are available for largercavity sizes.

The MG-100 was included in testing to E2/VM1 and AS/NZS 4284 of Trespa Meteon on Profix TS10 & TS35 cladding systems in 2010. Tested with Rosenfeld Kidson CedarScreen, CodeMarked in 2014.

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Vanluk MG-100(PDF)

Vanluk MG-100 Cedar(PDF)

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